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Gli Insetti di Fly Line

Photo book for the systematic determination of the insects affecting fly fisherman.

Gli Insetti di Fly Line

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Type of work - "The Insects of Fly Line" by Roberto Messori and Luciano Tosi (published by Fly Line) is a volume of systematics based on an unpublished archive of high-resolution photography. The most difficult cultural niche, entomology, has been transformed into an unprecedented visual adventure.

The numbers - This work of 420 pages covers the systematics of the adult and aquatic forms of insects in the orders of Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera and Plecoptera. It provides the dichotomous keys, descriptions, ethology and geographical distribution of more than 320 species. It makes use of 730 images, including 250 drawings and 480 high resolution color photos. The approach is purely scientific, leading to the systematic identification of families, genera and most species, but blended with revealing characteristics. Everything is based on the extraordinary photographic archive. The systematic part is updated to 2003. Although designed for fly fishermen, it is increasingly in demand in the scientific world.

To see a preview: download previews by title:

Anteprima Effimere 
Anteprima Tricotteri
Anteprima Plecotteri

These offer a view of 61 pages of the book and are enough to grasp the level of analysis and photo quality. We can say that currently, even though limited to Italian fauna, it is unmatched in the world. If this sounds like a fisherman's boast to you, look at the previews.


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