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r) Ephemeridae nuptialis volatus

Mayflies on their honeymoon

r) Ephemeridae nuptialis volatus

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Ephemeridae nuptialis volatus

English edition: Mayflies on their honeymoon

by Roberto Messori

This is the first book of the new series "Superfly"

Publisher: Fly Line, 2017, pag 208, illustrated, format cm 22 x 28, 45€, ISBN 9788889468197.

This work presents 49 artificial imitations of duns, spinners, and spents of Italian, European, and North American ephemera. Each tying step is illustrated with pictures and descriptions. 29 Different tying techniques are used to make the wings, hackles, and bodies of the artificial flies. Some of the techniques used are published here for the first time. The dressings included in the book are accompanied by 51 photographs of subimagos and imagos. The first part of the book analyzes the theory of the “Fundamental characteristic” and how it relates to the alarm level of fish. Indeed, it is a determining feature to consider when choosing materials and tying techniques.

Content: dressings of dry flies, floating ephemera for all waters (small, medium, and large streams, valley and plain rivers, springs and lakes), based on the principle of the “fundamental characteristic” in relation to the level of alarm felt by fish. Classic, modern, and combined tying methods with illustrated steps. Description of the conditions best suited to each dressing, advice, and anecdotes on their use.

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